Yo-ho-ho and a cannon let loose

This is a high seas adventure that could make even the sturdiest of hearts seasick. Set sail to find the treasures of boundless silver and gold. Fire at the approaching warships to defend your motley crew of pirates as you sail the seven seas. Featuring delightful cartoon graphics and rip-roaringly boisterous sound effects, Loose Cannon will let you pass the hours entertained. The treasures await; the riches of the vast and unexplored oceans can be yours!

Loose Cannon offers many chances to win, with the generous possibility of 15 free spins for getting a compass scatter. It expands greatly on the slot machine concept, featuring a Wild Cannon system that produces unexpected treasure for the enterprising buccaneer. There are also Bonus symbols, and in total there are an astonishing 243 different ways to win. The system is in the American hybrid style, and features a warship on the third reel of this five wheel slot game. Can you steal the treasure? Do you have the heart to sail the ocean’s depths and come back with riches beyond your wildest dreams? Find out when this game is released on March 5th.

Full Features:

5 x 3 reels;
243 ways to win;
Wild, Bonus and Scatter symbols;
16:9 widescreen;
American (hybrid) style;
Swashbuckling pirate theme;
Expanding Wild Cannon feature;
Compass Scatters deliver 15 Free Spins.