Take Charge of the Seven Seas in Search of Hidden Treasure with Leagues of Fortune

The game can be enjoyed by players of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. This helps to make it a video slots game that will appeal to a wide demographic, as does the wide range of chances to benefit from a variety of different rewards. For example, traditional favourites such as free spins and 5x multipliers are available, as too is the exciting and creative Gamble feature. Essentially this innovative part of the game enables players to experience a feature with similarities to popular colour and card prediction features; however, the imaginativeness of the feature is such that an indicator is available for players to have greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the odds.

Leagues of Fortune is a 1024 way game, which features a 5×3 reel, so players have multiple of way of winning, which helps to make the game particularly exciting – as does the possibility of big wins. To help along the way, one of the features of the game is the possibility to earn Free Spins, but even better than that is the 5x multiplier that comes with them. These great aspects of the game ensure a thrilling experience which the potential for rich rewards.

As the name subtly suggests, League of Fortunes is a slots game with a nautical theme. The attractive graphics and well-produced animation really help to bring the game to life, such as when the screen displays a trio or more of Treasure Chests, which causes the giant sleeping squid the wake up from its slumber and furiously smash the reels – the consequences of which is to reveal the hidden free spins that are submerged below the surface.

Overall, this is a brilliantly thought out game with excellent features. The wide range of winning possibilities, as well as the appealing animation helps to make League of Fortunes a game that will certainly appeal to a wide audience.

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