Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn | Widening the Appeal

There are rarely any video games that appeal to both the male and the female audience. Girls with Guns 2: Frozen Dawnis a rare, rare exception. A sequel to the hugely popular Girls with Guns: Jungle Heatgame, Girls with Guns 2: Frozen Dawn is extremely intriguing with rich and heart stopping features. A game that will appeal to not only the experienced players but also to the more new ones, Girls with Guns 2: Frozen Dawn is set to captivate both the male and the female audience.

Men have, since long, been attracted to military style games, whether it is old favorites such as Mortal Combat or new ones like Call of Duty. However, a military style, action based adventure game with gun-toting femme fatales is something they have never dealt with, and it is an exciting departure from other similar games such as Jane Blonde, Resident Evil or Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Moreover, the feminine audience, which has never really been interested in action adventure video games will get drawn towards the game for its strong portrayal of the edgy, vivacious and energetic heroines who are brave as they venture into unknown territories.

Furthermore, the biggest pull of the game that will appeal to both audiences is the story – the combat and the battle to bring down an evil villainess as she sets out with the mission to take over the world. In a world where justice is rarely seen, the game promises not only mind numbing action and adventure but also the promise of justice through its edgy story. This is probably one of the biggest pull factors of the game.

So join the six heroines in the second edition of the hugely popular game that came out on the night of April 9th, 2014, battle in the middle of the ice-cold arctic, indulge in some good ol’ fashioned action and bring the villainess to her knees.

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