Looking for a new slot adventure? Try the Jack & Jill Video Slot!

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Managed by the acclaimed Microgaming software, the rhyming-reels Jack & Jill is one of the most engaging slots games out there. The overall design of the game and excellent graphics will certainly manage to amaze players of all skill levels. In order to boost winning odds, Jack & Jill offers players free spin rounds and numerous other added bonuses.

What makes the game really stand out is the old nursery English theme. It’s extremely funny, relaxed, and quite fascinating.  Every new player will receive 15 free spins, and as soon as you decide to make a deposit the wins will go even higher.

Jack and Jill

When it comes to online slots games, the Microgaming software has always been on top. Ergo, Jack & Jill will surely exceed your expectations with its dazzling theme and amazing bonuses. To have a better understanding of the game, you should know that Jack & Jill is a 20-payline slots game where you bet coins and have the chance to see that winning double or even triple. Perfect for both beginners and professionals, the game manages a maximum of 20 coins per spin. Even if you don’t have a progressive jackpot available, Jack & Jill highlights plenty of extra rewards. There’s a base jackpot of 150,000 coins you can boost to 600,000 through the multipliers you have available in the free-spin round.

Jack and Jill2

Jack & Jill Rhyming Reels features whimsical symbols meant to keep all players engaged. The overall design of the website and peculiar yet appealing graphics will certainly help player have lots of fun online. High rollers can opt for a coin denomination and place a maximum bet of $200 for a spin. That’s crazy, and if you’re feeling lucky enough Jack & Jill will offer you an unforgettable gaming experience.